If you’re a fan of stylish streetwear, you’ve probably heard of OVO, the brand co-founded by rap superstar Drake. (Canada OG OVO Hoodie || Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie) OVO, short for October’s Very Own, has made a significant impact in the fashion world with its trendy and high-quality apparel. Among its most popular items are the OVO hoodies, cherished by fans for their unique designs and comfort. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at two standout pieces: the Canada OG OVO Hoodie and the Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie.

Canada OG OVO Hoodie

Description and Design

The Canada OG OVO Hoodie is a quintessential piece from the OVO collection. Known for its sleek design, this hoodie typically features the iconic OVO owl logo prominently displayed on the chest. The design is minimalist yet striking, often incorporating elements of the Canadian flag or subtle references to Drake’s heritage.

Material and Quality

Crafted from premium materials, the Canada OG OVO Hoodie ensures both comfort and durability. The blend of high-quality cotton and polyester provides a soft feel while maintaining its shape even after multiple washes. The attention to detail in stitching and finish sets it apart from ordinary hoodies.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

This hoodie isn’t just about looks; it’s a symbol of Canadian pride and the cultural influence of Drake and OVO. Fans across the globe wear it as a statement piece, celebrating not only the music but also the lifestyle and ethos of the OVO brand.

How to Style the Canada OG OVO Hoodie

Styling this hoodie is a breeze due to its versatile design. Pair it with jeans or joggers for a casual look, or dress it up with a stylish jacket and sneakers for a night out. Its neutral color palette ensures it complements various outfits effortlessly. Canada OG OVO Hoodie || Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie.

Price Range and Availability

The Canada OG OVO Hoodie is a premium product, with prices typically ranging from $150 to $250. It’s available at OVO flagship stores, select retailers, and online through the official OVO website. Due to its popularity, it often sells out quickly, so keeping an eye on restocks is essential.

Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie

Description and Design

The Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie is a special collaboration piece celebrating the partnership between OVO and the NHL team, the Boston Bruins. It features the Bruins’ iconic logo alongside the OVO owl, blending sports and streetwear aesthetics seamlessly.

Material and Quality

Similar to the Canada OG, the Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie is made from a high-quality fabric mix that ensures comfort and longevity. The hoodie is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use while retaining its stylish appearance.

Popularity Among Fans

This hoodie is a must-have for fans of both OVO and the Boston Bruins. It’s a perfect way to show support for your favorite hockey team while sporting a trendy, urban look. The collaboration has been well-received, making it a sought-after item in both the sports and fashion communities.

How to Style the Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie

The Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie can be styled much like the Canada OG. It pairs well with casual attire, such as jeans and sneakers, but can also be integrated into more fashion-forward outfits. The sporty element adds a unique twist, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

Price Range and Availability

This limited-edition hoodie is priced similarly to other OVO hoodies, generally between $150 and $250. Availability is typically through the OVO website, select retailers, and occasionally through the Boston Bruins’ official merchandise channels.

Comparing Canada OG OVO Hoodie and Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie

Design and Aesthetic Differences

While both hoodies share the OVO hallmark of quality and style, their designs cater to different tastes. The Canada OG OVO Hoodie has a more nationalistic and minimalist design, whereas the Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie blends sports team pride with streetwear fashion.

Target Audience

The Canada OG OVO Hoodie appeals broadly to fans of Drake and Canadian culture, while the Boston Bruins OVO Hoodie specifically targets hockey fans and those who appreciate sports-inspired fashion.

Price Comparison

Both hoodies fall within the same price range, reflecting their premium status and the collaboration between OVO and notable cultural or sports entities.

Which One to Choose?

Choosing between the two depends on your personal style and interests. If you’re a sports fan, especially of the Boston Bruins, the collaboration hoodie is a no-brainer. For those looking for a versatile, stylish piece with a nod to Canadian culture, the Canada OG OVO Hoodie is an excellent choice.

Where to Buy OVO Hoodies

Official OVO Stores

The best place to buy OVO hoodies is directly from OVO’s official stores. These stores offer the latest releases and exclusive drops, ensuring you get authentic products.

Online Marketplaces

Websites like eBay, Grailed, and StockX also offer OVO hoodies, often including rare or sold-out items. However, prices may vary, and authenticity can be a concern, so it’s important to buy from reputable sellers.

Tips for Avoiding Counterfeits

When shopping online, look for clear product images, check seller reviews, and verify product details with official OVO listings. Counterfeit products often have tell-tale signs like poor stitching, incorrect logo placement, and inferior material quality.

Care and Maintenance of OVO Hoodies

Washing Instructions

To keep your OVO hoodie looking fresh, machine wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water. Avoid using bleach and tumble drying. Instead, air dry it to maintain its shape and color.

Storage Tips

Store your hoodie in a cool, dry place. Hanging it up rather than folding can prevent creases and help maintain its structure.

Ensuring Longevity

Regularly clean and properly store your hoodie to ensure it lasts. Treat any stains promptly and avoid exposing it to harsh elements that can damage the fabric.


OVO hoodies, whether it’s the Canada OG or the Boston Bruins edition, offer a blend of style, quality, and cultural significance. They’re more than just clothing items; they represent a lifestyle and a community of fans who appreciate the finer things in streetwear fashion. Whether you’re showing off your Canadian pride or supporting your favorite hockey team, these hoodies make a statement.

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